End of Season Do

Hi Tennis players,

Make a date for your diary – Friday 8th September – when we can all get together and have a good night out! You’ll get to see what your team-mates look like when they’re fully clothed, hair brushed and wearing make-up – and that’s just the men!!
Bring your friends and family – it’s about socialising, after all.

Tickets cost £7.50 and include a DJ and fish’n’chip supper. You’ll also see who won those leagues you’ve struggled in this year- I always say it’s the taking part that matters (?).

Looking forward to seeing you at Leigh Cricket Tennis and Bowling Club.
Tickets are available behind the bar, or from me. Stop me and buy one!


New Result cards procedure.

As most people now have a phone which is capable of taking photos.
We have decided to trial emailing a photo of the results card, instead of sending it through the post.
The card should be emailed to Pauline Ashton, at pashton@ntlworld.com.
Please keep your hard copies of all your cards, until the end of the season.
And please ensure that the photos are of reasonable quality, so that the correct results can be recorded on the website.


 Bernard Pennington , Chairman of the Walkden and District Tennis League died in hospital last Thursday.

Our deepest sympathy and thoughts go to his daughters,Julie and Kathryn and their family

Bernard was the corner stone of the Walkden League for many years and everyone in the League owe him a great deal of thanks for the tremendous amount of work he put into the Office of Chairman.
Bernard will be greatly missed but he will be remembered forever in the history of the Walkden Tennis League.

Bernard’s Funeral will take place on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at Howe Bridge Crematorium at 1.00p.m. If you are able please attend to show the respect that the Walkden and District League had for Bernard.