The 1960 season opened with the Chairman Mr W.J. Spencer Mr Pickering for his hard work in changing the format of the League to 3 Divisions and the successful way it had been run in 1959. It was to be the same for the new season. After two resignations Bolton Railway from Division 1 and Kearsley Vale from Division 2 along with the acceptance of a 2nd Swinton Team into the League there were 3 Divisions each with 8 teams.
Oakwood was promoted to Division 1. Winton was relegated to Division 2. Monton B and Guildhall B were promoted to Division 2. Swinton B was put in Division 3.
The officers were all re-elected and the Chairman of the Council asked to be the President for the year.
The usual Five Individual Tournaments were held (entry 2/- per event). The Knock Out Competition was held (entry fee 8/- per team for those who took part.)
Duplicated lists sent to all Clubs with addresses of Club Secretaries and Treasurers along with the fixtures helped communication between Clubs.
Over several meetings, the Executive Committee revised and clarified the Rules. It was planned to duplicate a copy for all the Clubs.
Mr Pickering was allocated the job of purchasing a Trophy for the 3rd Division to the value of £12.00!!!

Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesDerek Gee
Ladies’ SinglesMarjorie Cochrane
Mixed DoublesE. H. Tipton and Jane Gerrard
Men’s DoublesL. G. Guy and A. J. Ratcliffe
Ladies’ DoublesNot known

1960 League Tables

Division 1Darley Park
Division 2Not known
Division 3De Havilland


The last recorded minutes in the Minute Book used since the revival of the League in 1948 recorded information about the Annual General Meeting held on the 3rd March 1961
All the Officials of the previous year were re-elected. The Treasure Bernard Pennington reported a happy financial state of affairs. Therefore League Subscription would remain at £1.00 per Team, Knock Out entry at 8/-, and Individual Tournament entry at 2/-.
It was unanimously agreed that in future years Vice – Presidents should each be asked in alphabetical order to stand as President of the League for 1 year.
The resignation of Darley Park, Winton and De Havilland were accepted with regret.
The application to rejoin the League from Bolton Railway was accepted and the Team would be put in the 2nd. Division.
The death of Mr Tootill was noted and a letter of condolence sent to his wife Jean.
More match cards had to be printed.
Weatherwise the season had been poor. A lot of matches were “washed out”. Even attempts to replay them suffered from wet conditions. It was clarified that teams in an unassailable position when “rained off” would be deemed to have won the match. Those needing to be replayed would be on the “home “ Teams stated night. Only completed sets would stand. If the replay was also “rained off” the teams would share the points.

No other meetings in 1961 are recorded.

Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesDerek Gee
Ladies’ SinglesAlice Smethurst
Mixed DoublesA. J. Ratcliffe and P. Lawton
Men’s DoublesDerek Gee and A. J. Ratcliffe
Ladies’ DoublesNot known

1961 League Winners

Division 1De Havilland A
Division 2St. Mary’s Park A
Division 3St. Mary’s Park B
This ended the run of Darley Park
who had won Division 1 for 5 consecutive years


1962 Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesDerek Gee
Ladies’ SinglesMarjorie Deakin
Mixed DoublesF. Smethurst and A. Smethurst
Men’s DoublesF. Smethurst and N. Lowe
Ladies’ DoublesNot known

1962 League Winners

Division 1De Havilland A
Division 2St. Mary’s Park A
Division 3St. Mary’s Park B
This ended the run of Darley Park
who had won Division 1 for 5 consecutive years

1963 Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesStephen Denner
Ladies’ SinglesMarjorie Deakin
Mixed DoublesE. H. Tipton and Jane Gerrard
Men’s DoublesF Smethurst and A Heath
Ladies’ DoublesMarjorie Deakin and Jayne Gerrard

1963 League Tables

Division 1

1Monton A52
2De Havilland A48
3Walkden Moor A40
5Parrfold A22
7St. Mary’s A16
8Darley Park15
9Swinton A12
10N.A.L.G.O. A7

Division 2

1Monton B54
2Monton C48
3Walkden Moor
4N.A.L.G.O. B
5Parrfold B
6St. Mary’s B
7Bolton Railway
8Swinton B
9St’ Marks

Knock Out Competition Winners

Division 1Monton A
Division 2Walkden Moor B


At the 1964 A.G.M., the League Officers were re-elected. The position of Secretary remained unfilled. Mr Pickering kindly continued to record the A.G.M. and Executive Meeting Minutes.
Monton applied to enter a 4th Team into the League. Obviously the success of Monton A winning the 1st Division Trophy and Monton B and Monton C being top of Division 2 and both teams being promoted to Division 1 had attracted new members to the Club. The application was accepted.
Three more new teams were welcomed into the League:- Kearsley, Swinton B, and St Mary’s. As there was already a Team from St Mary’s in the League the new team changed its name to Worsley Road at the request of the Committee.
De Havilland changed its name t0 Hawker Siddeley.
M.E.L. resigned from the League.
Swinton A and N.A.L.G.O. B were relegated to Division 2.

Stamped Match cards were provided in the hope that they would be returned completed with results immediately after the matches making the Match Secretary’s job easier.

The question of having umpires (Rule 22) was raised again but no change was made.

Following all the changes the season started with two Divisions of 10 teams.

Division 1Division 2
Monton ASwinton A
Hawker SiddeleyGuildhall A
Walkden Moor AWalkden Moor B
OakwoodGuildhall B
Parrfold AParrfold B
ChlorideSt. Mary’s B
St. Mary’s ASt Mark’s
Darley ParkKearsley
Monton BWorsley Road
Monton CMonton D

Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesDerek Gee
Ladies’ SinglesNot known
Mixed DoublesSmethurst and A. Smethurst
Men’s DoublesF Smethurst and A. Heath
Ladies DoublesNot known

1964 League Winners

Division 1Hawker Siddeley A
Division 2Guildhall A


At the A.G.M. Mr Fred Hall resigned as Chairman and Mr F. Pickering was elected. Someone we know very well today was elected as Vice Chairman…. W. Bernard Pennington! Jayne Gerrard agreed to take the Minutes of the meeting in the absence of a Secretary. Mr Hudson became the new Match Secretary. All the other officials were re-elected.
Darley Park resigned from the 1st Division. Winton and Ambrose Barlow were accepted into the League.

Again with 19 teams, the League format was two Divisions.
Swinton A and Guildhall A were promoted to Division 1.
Chloride was relegated.
At the Executive Meeting in April St. Mary’s B team resigned from the League and Kearsley application to enter a second team into the League was accepted. The Walkden Moor Club changed its name to St Andrew’s as Walkden Moor, the Wesleyan Church, was uniting with the Walkden Primitive Church, and the new Church was to be known as St. Andrew’s Methodist Church.

Division 1Division 2
Monton AChloride
Hawker SiddeleyAmbrose Barlow
St Andrew’s (Walkden Moor)St Andrew’s B (Walkden Moor)
OakwoodGuildhall B
Parrfold AParrfold B
SwintonKearsley A
St. Mary’s ASt Mark’s
Guild Hall AKearsley B
Monton BMonton D
Monton C

Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesTony Kirkbright
Ladies’ SinglesNot known
Mixed DoublesF. Smethurst and A Smethurst
Men’s DoublesDerek Gee and Arthur Ratcliffe
Ladies DoublesNot known

1965 League Winners

Division 1Monton A
Division 2Chloride


The 1965 League Officials and trustees were re-elected. Derek Gee and William Davies were elected as auditors
Monton’s Chairman Mr L. Wolstenholme became League President for the 1966 Season
Jayne Gerrard said she could not continue as Secretary as well as being Match Secretary. Enid Davies volunteered to become Match Secretary.
Jayne reported a lack of support at the 1965 League events. Little interest was shown in the Finals of the Individuals’ Tournament, which was disappointing particularly for the competitors. It was decided that each section of the Tournament would be played and completed on a set date respectively and not throughout the season to encourage more interest. Entry fee for Individuals Tournament 2/- and K.O Competition 8/- per team for 1966 season. The failure to return 1965 Match Cards for the Knock Out Competition caused a lot of problems and prevented the Competition from being completed. Alas, a poor entry for the season resulted in the K.O. Competition being cancelled,
Kearsley entered a second team and Swinton re-entered the League
Suggestion for a Trophies Presentation Dinner Dance at the end of the season.

Individuals Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesDerek Gee
Ladies’ SinglesMrs A. Smethurst
Mixed DoublesMarjorie Deakin and Mr D. Hale
Men’s DoublesDerek Gee and N.Lowe
Ladies DoublesMrs.A. Smethurst and partner

League Winners

Division 1Oakwood
Division 2Kearsley A
Division 3Kearsley B


On the retirement of Mr Alan Pickering, Mr Tom Oldfield (St. Andrews) was elected as Chairman. Mr Harold Ainsworth (Kearsley) was elected as Treasurer relieving Mr Pennington from the post he had taken on when no one came forward last year. Mr Pennington is still the Vice-Chairman. Mrs Jayne Gerrard resigned as Secretary on moving abroad. A box of Chocolates was sent to her by way of thanks for all her hard work. A new Secretary was needed. Miss A. Fletcher (Kearsley) agreed to fill the post. Mr A. Pickering was to act as Assistant Secretary to help when needed.
Strong action for late cards …. A fine of 5/- when late… over 14 days late. K.O. The tournament was held! Subs doubled to £2.00 !! (includes postage and entry into the Individuals Tournament to any number of events). Ten shillings per team to en the K.O. Competition. Mrs Davies to work out the Handicaps. It was decided, that Umpires were only necessary for all Semi-Finals and Finals. Format – 3 sets, players deciding for themselves long or short sets. Rule change “ Drawn |Tournament Matches to be replayed. If this was not possible 1 extra game or the toss of a coin would decide the winning team. Home teams to provide balls for matches. League to provide NEW balls for the Finals.
Good News…. Trophies to be bought for events which did not have any. i.e K.O. Competition and Gents and Ladies Doubles. All trophies to be returned at the end of the season. The Large Shield (Div.1), Cup (Div.2) Cup (Div. 3), Dr Marsh’s Rose Bowl and Cup (Mixed Doubles).
Trophies and prizes were presented at the Dance held at Chloride. Unfortunately, the new Chairman could not attend.

Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesD. Hale
Ladies’ SinglesBarbara Davies
Mixed DoublesNot known
Men’s DoublesR. Davies and R. Scott
Ladies DoublesMarjorie Deakin and Jenny Ridgeway

League Winners

Division 1Oakwood
Division 2Walkers Institute


All 1967 Officers re-elected.
Good news – No Loss in 1967. A profit was actually made of £3 5s 11d.
All Trophies to be inscribed with the winner’s names. Insurance looked into for the trophies loss or damage. The cost we could afford would not be a very extensive cover and hardly worthwhile.
League Clubs and teams from 1967:- Ambrose Barlow 1, Chloride-2, Guildhall- 3, Kearsley- 2, Monton-2, Oakwood-2, Parrfold-2, Swinton-1, St. Andrews-2, St. Marks-1, Walkers Institute-2 Winton-1 Format:- Two Divisions with a playoff between the top team in each Division. Rule Change Each team was to provide 3 balls (new if possible) (6 in total) for each knock out Match. The League would provide new balls for the Finals.
The Presentation Dance was held at Worsley Court House. Vice-Chairman Mr Bernard Pennington presented the trophies. A Good “Do”.

Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesMr.Davies
Ladies’ SinglesPeggy Mort
Mixed DoublesK. Whitelegg and J. Denner
Men’s DoublesJohn Collier and K. Greenwood
Ladies’ DoublesP. Mort and Miss A.Fletcher

League Winners

Division 1Monton A
Division 2Winton

Knock Out Competition Winners

Kearsley A, Runners Up Chloride A


The League Officials were all re-elected. Mr John Collier volunteered to take up the position of Temporary Secretary –( a big relief to everyone)
Winton entered a second team making 21 teams in the League. Following a long discussion and 4 different proposals, it was decided to have two Divisions- Division 1 to have 10 teams and Division 2 to have 11 teams with a playoff with a points basis for Division 2. The top four teams will play the teams they have not played in the season. The ties to be played on the home courts of the top teams for 6 points each tie. The winner- the one with the most points (Very complicated !!).
A profit was made in 1969 of £14 12s 10d despite a small loss on the dance. This meant there was over £50.00 in the bank to start the new decade.
The 1963 League Rules were revised in 1968 and printed copies were available.
An Interleague Match was arranged against the Urmston Tennis League at the Manchester Ship Canal Club. The Players selected were:- Mr Derek Gee and Mr K. Greenwood (Kearsley) Mr R. Scott and Mr R. Davies (Winton) Mr S. Barlow and Mr S. Denner (St. Andrews ) Reserves Mr A. Taylor and Mr.P.E.Morris (Walkers Inst.) Mrs M. Deakin and Mrs.J. Gerrard (Monton) Mrs B. Davies and Mrs.G. Loftus (Chloride) Reserves Mrs E. Hodgkinson and Mrs C. Farrimond (Parrfold)
The Individuals and Knock out Tournaments were the same as the previous year. There was a Presentation Dance at the end of the season at Worsley Court House. A live Pop Group appealed to the younger members and dance records the adults, although some of the adults strutted their Pop Stuff. Jackie Bond, Lancashire County Cricket Club Captain presented the trophies and prizes.
League Winners

Individuals Tournament

Men’s SinglesRon Scott
Ladies’ SinglesGail Loftus
Mixed DoublesStuart Barlow and I. Wilkinson
Men’s DoublesJack Denner and Stephen Denner
Ladies DoublesMarjorie Deakin and Jayne Gerrard

League Winners

Division 1Monton
Division 2St. Andrews B