The pattern set by the Revival Clubs in 1948 and 1949 continued during the 50’s decade. The League was organised by annually elected officers and one representative from each Club.
The Officers comprised Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer,2 Auditors.
Honorary members were Vice Presidents (1 from each Club with power to add or delete who had no voting rights), a President annually elected was added in 1952 and the 2 Trustees (requested by the Old Walkden League to oversee the trophies At the end of the decade a Match Secretary was added to the list A quorum consisted of the League officers and 4 representatives from different clubs.

Chairmen who served in the decade were:-
1948/1949 Mr N.Jackson,
1950/1951 Mr A.Toothill
1953/1959 Mr W.J.Spencer

The rule for Representative’s attendance at Executive meetings was strict. Failure to attend without a very good reason resulted in a fine of two shillings and sixpence for the offending club which was named and shamed at the meeting!

Seven or eight Executive meetings were held during the year on a monthly basis from January – May (April being the Annual General Meeting) to sort out fixtures and dates for the League, Tournament and Inter-League matches and decide League subscriptions and entry fees. From August – November the season was assessed, suggestions for improvement and Rule changes were made. Proposals were then formulated to go to the next A.G.M.
The number of teams in the League increased in the 50s.
From 1950 – 1953 teams in each division played each other twice ( home and away. In 1954 to 1959 there were between 11 and 13 teams in a very long season. It would not be light enough to play during the first and last weeks of such a long season. It was decided to hold an 18 week season which meant that a team would not play all the teams in their Division. It is not clear how this worked and which opponents a team would not play.




Mr A. Toothill was elected Chairman at the A.G.M. following the resignation of Mr N. Jackson because of other commitments. Mr J Spencer became Vice-Chairman. The position of President was accepted by Mr.G. E. Burgess. Headed notepaper was purchased with details of League Officials on it for League correspondence.

An Inter League Selection Committee was elected comprising of Chairman, Mr A Toothill, Secretary Mr D.H. Smith, Mr V.C. Marland (non-playing Captain), Mr F. A. Hall and Mr S. Wood. Matches were played against the Leigh League and Bolton Sunday School League.

Two new teams from Kearsley Vale joined the League. One was put in the First Division and the other in the Second Division. Victoria put a second team in the Second Division. St. Marks withdrew their Second Division team due to shortage of players. It was passed at the A.G.M. that match nights should change from Wednesday to Thursday but this was later rescinded as many Clubs were not able to raise teams on a Thursday. Victoria was allowed to continue playing their matches on Thursday as this was the only available night for their Club
The weather was unkind during the season and some fixtures had not been played by the final
date. These had to be finished before the start of the next season.
The quality of umpiring was criticised. There should be only one umpire on the court at a time.
Players “foot faulting” must be penalised.
The changing facilities at some venues also received criticism.

The First Division Championship went for a second year to Swinton as Darley Parks had to concede the re-arranged match between the two teams when they could not raise a team to play on the designated date. A “Play Off” for the Second Division Championship between Victoria and Parrfold Park did not take place as the Clubs could not raise teams so the title had to be shared as did the trophy for 6 months each. A proposal that scorecards bearing the details of the match played (date, players ‘ names, scores etc.)should be purchased and used during the 1950 season was approved. Walkden Moor Tennis Club offered to fund these for the season and this was greatly appreciated.

A Champions versus the Rest of the League was arranged but had as in the previous year to be cancelled.

There was no charge to enter the League Tournament. The value of the Winners’ prizes was increased from 30/- to 35/-. The Runners Up prizes remained at a 10/- Book Token.
These prizes were presented at a Dance eventually held on January 13th 1951 in Walkden Co-op Hall. A profit of 18/- was made.

League Tables for 1950. Each Team played 16 matches

Swinton30Victoria B20
Walkden Moor24Parrfold Park B20
Darley Park22Darley Park B14
Oakwood22Swinton B14
Victoria18Walkden Moor B8
Kearsley Vale14Kearsley Vale B8
Chloride10Chloride B2
St Marks4



Mr J. F. T. Langley was invited to the President for the year and gave out the prizes after the League Tournament Finals. (30/- Gift Vouchers/ Postal Orders for the Winners and 10/6- Book Tokens for the Runners Up For the first time long sets were played in the Finals Matches
and it was decided that this should be the format for all stages of future tournaments.

The Secretary had purchased 500 new scorecards for the 1950 season at a cost of £2- 15s- 3d. (Cheap at the price !!)
The lack of support from League Officials in organising and helping at the home matches of the Inter League Matches caused the Secretary to complain and suggest that a Match Secretary be appointed to deal with the problem. Further discussion took place and the proposal was to be taken to the next A.G.M. Matches against the Leigh League, Bolton Sunday School League and Bolton Parks League were played. The teams being selected by a Committee comprising S. Wood (non-playing Captain), Mr A.R. Bradshaw, Mr L.G. Guy, The Chairman, Mr A. Toothill, and Secretary, Mr D.H. Smith.

An upset was caused when halfway through the season in July due to pressure of work within his own club the Treasurer Mr G. H. Williams resigned from office. This was not well received at the Executive Meeting. Fortunately, Mrs B. Bird agreed to fill the post until the end of the season.
There was a deficit of £7.00 in the League accounts due to the Handbooks not being sold. And this would be dealt with next season.

An important change to the scoring of matches was introduced:- the teams would share the points when matches were cancelled due to bad weather.

Dates for the return of Trophies to the Trustees were given so that the engraving of Winners names could be done in time for the presentation

League Tournament Winners for 1951

Men’s SinglesAlbert Cooper
Ladies’ SinglesPhyllis Lawton
Mixed DoublesG. Rawlinson and L. Howard

League Tables

Swinton A28Darley Park B21
Darley Park A26Victoria B15
Walkden Moor A21Swinton B15
Oakwood18Walkden Moor B14
Victoria A16Kearsley Vale B11
Kearsley Vale12St Marks B5
Parrfold Park A10Parrfold Park B4
St Marks A9




“New” heralded the start of this year.
New President Mr A. Toothill
New Chairman Mr W.J. Spencer
New Treasurer Mr A. Cooper
Alas, there was no new Match Secretary as no nominations were received but a New Idea emerged.
The Selection Committee (Mrs. M. D. Hall, Mr L.G. Grey, Mr A. C. Whitehead, plus the Chairman and Secretary) elected 2 members to be responsible for each Inter-League Match. The matches were against the usual League opponents:-Leigh, Bolton Sunday Schools, and Bolton Parks.

A New Points system for the results of matches was started:-3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie/draw, and 1 point for a “rained off”.

A new team Guildhall entered the League with two teams, one in each Division bringing the total number of teams in the 1st. Division to 10.

One New idea to promote and relegate teams between the two divisions according to final results was rejected. ( It was adopted some years later).

A new way of paying for the Handbooks was introduced to avoid a deficit in the League accounts at the end of the season. Each Club had to purchase 14 Handbooks and sell them to their members. No books could be returned unsold. The Clubs had to stand the loss if all their books were not sold.

All but one Club, Kearsley Vale. entered the League Tournament. The fee 10/- was necessary to fund prizes. The format was the same as in previous years.

A new method was needed to deal with future nameplates being put on the 1st. Division Championship Shield as there was no room left on the front. Various suggestions were made and eventually it

League Tournament for 1952

Men’s SinglesAlbert Cooper
Ladies’ SinglesPhyllis Lawton
Mixed DoublesA. Toothill and N. Hilton

It was decided to remove the oldest nameplate to the back of the Shield and replace it with the nameplate of the 1952 Champions.League Tables for 1952

League Tables

Swinton A47Walkden Moor B31
Oakwood45St Marks B23
Walkden Moor A37Swinton B20
Victoria A33Victoria B18
St Marks A23Darley Park B15
Chloride21Parrfold Park B11
Parrfold Park A20Guildhall B3
Darley Park A19
Kearsley Vale A10
Guildhall A3




Extension was a theme for the new year. But it wasn’t very fruitful! Darley Park wanted the number of entrants in the League Tournament events to be increased to three per Club but the proposal was defeated and was run as in previous years.

De Havilland Tennis Club and St Mary’s Tennis Club were accepted into the 2nd. Division of the league increasing the number of teams to nine.
The proposal to have all match nights on a Wednesday was withdrawn.
The two new Clubs in the 2nd Division could either play with new balls or balls that had been played with for a duration equivalent to a match.
At the May Executive meeting, brief reports of matches by the Home team were requested to be sent along with the scorecard to the League Secretary each week, so that reports on League matches could be inserted in the local press. By the July meeting, only Chloride Tennis Club had responded to the request and the Chairman expressed his disappointment.

There were more Clubs applying for membership if the 1st division than the length of the season would allow. This posed the question of extension of the League. At a special meeting, various schemes were discussed. Finally, a method suggested by Mr F. Hudson was adopted.
“Fixtures should be complied on a basis of positions in the previous season’s Final League Tables, with each Club playing a limited number of other Clubs depending on their placing in the League Table. If one Club was elected to the 1st. Division in 1954, making 11 Clubs in the 1st. Division, then each Club would play against all the other clubs except one, thus keeping the length of the season the same as at present.”

Inter-League matches were played against the same Leagues as in previous years.

League Tournament Winners for 1953.

Men’s SinglesDerek Gee
Ladies’ SinglesJoan Larrad
Mixed DoublesM. D. Crompton and J. R. Crompton

League Tables for 1953

Darley Park A48Darley Park B36
Victoria A40De Havilland34
Walkden Moor A39Swinton B31
Oakwood31Walkden Moor B25
Swinton A29St. Marks B25
St Marks A24Victoria B21
Parrfold Park A19St Mary’s Park10
Kearsley Vale10Guildhall B4
Guildhall A9



More teams joined the League:- De Havilland T.C. entered a team in the 1st. Division making a total of 11 teams in that Division. Oakwood T.C. and M.E.L. T.C. entered 1 team each in the 2nd Division bringing the 2nd Division total to 11 teams. This meant that each team had to play 22 matches (1 per week ) but only 18 weeks in the season were light enough to complete a match. The problem was solved by each team playing a limited number of matches. Each team played 16 matches based on the previous year’s Final League Table. ( Glad I wasn’t responsible for the Fixture list – it must have been a nightmare!! ). The two Darley Park teams won their respective Divisions and their names would be printed in the1955 year’s Handbook as the 1953 Winners had been printed in the current handbook.
No one was nominated for the position of Match Secretary The threat of the Inter League matches being cancelled resulted in Mr L G Guy volunteering to take on the organisation for home matches against the Bolton S. S. League and the Leigh League and an away match against the Leigh League.
Some Rules were amended and still apply today:-
1. Order of play to be determined by the visiting Captain.
2. In a match when 6 events have not been played but one team is in an unassailable position that team would be declared the winner.
3. Clubs must use balls L.T.A. standard and of current year’s manufacture.
4. To help the smooth running of the League (Individual’s) Tournament ( fee 10/6 to enter) the first-named player in each round to organise the match.
The crowning moment of the season was at the end of the League Tournament’s Finals day when, after several defeated propositions over the previous years, TWO NEW TROPHIES, purchased by the Chairman and Secretary for slightly above the League Executive’s stipulated allowance of £25.00, were presented. A silver cup was presented to the winners of the Ladies’ and Men’s Singles respectively. The names of the winning players in the Competition, since the revival of the League in 1949, were engraved on each Cup during the following season.

1954 Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesJack Seddon
Ladies’ SinglesMargaret Armitage
Mixed DoublesR .Hunt and N. Hilton

League Tables for 1954

Division 1 Each Team played 16 matches.

1Darley Park A46Darley Park B41
2Walkden Moor A37St Mary’s39
3St Marks A30Walkden Moor B38
4Swinton A27St Marks B27
4Victoria A27Parrfold Park B20
4Victoria B27Swinton B20
6Parrfold Park A22Guildhall B20
7De Havilland A19Victoria B17
8Kearsley Vale12MEL14
9Guildhall A5Oakwood B10
De Havilland B5



The 1955 Season started with the news that the Men’s and Ladies’ Singles Cups had been purchased for a little more than the £25.00 stipulated and during the closed season had been engraved with the names of the winners from 1949 – 1954 and would from now on be engraved annually after the Competitions.
A New Competition was organised, a Knock Out Competition. One Team from each Club was allowed to enter ( fee 8/- ) with no handicap for 2nd Division Teams. The cost of balls and refreshments would be shared.
It was announced that the A.G.M. that the Singles Cups purchased during the closed season for a little over the £25.00 stipulated had been engraved with the winner’s names from 1949 -1954 and would be engraved annually in future.
At the A.G.M. the League Officials were re-elected. Bolton Railway Club ‘s application to join was successful and the resignation of Victoria club was accepted with regret. An annual subscription of £2-2-0 (2 guineas) was fixed. The League Tournament for Men’s Singles, Ladies Singles and the Mixed Doubles was drawn (entry fee 10/-….10 shillings to be included in Subscriptions).
More accounts of scores and matches were to be arranged with Farnworth Journal being asked to print the reports as well as the Swinton and Pendlebury Journal.
Amendments to some rules were carried and were to be printed in the 1955 Season handbook.

League Tournament Winners 1955

Men’s SinglesAlbert Cooper
Ladies’ SinglesPhyllis Lawton
Mixed DoublesR. Hunt and N. Hilton

League Tables for 1955 Season. Each Team played 18 matches

Bolton Railway53Darley Park B48
Walkden Moor44Swinton B41
Darley Park44Walkden Moor B37
Oakwood39St. Mary’s Park35
De Havilland30Parrfold Park B23
Kearsley Vale27Guildhall20
Parrfold Park19St Marks B20
Victoria15De Havilland B8
St Marks14Oakwood B4



The League Officers were re-elected. Mr N. Beesley was elected President for the year.
Darley “B” was accepted into the 1st Division with “seedings” for “A” and “B” teams along with Winton Bowling, Social and Tennis Club and NALGO Club. Victoria T.C and Oakwood’s 2nd team resigned.

Knock Out Competition This year the two Divisions had separate Knock out Competitions. An entry fee of eight shillings per team was required to provide prizes for the winning teams. The suggestion that a Cup should be purchased for around £15.00 /£20/00 for the winners of the Knockout Competition was not supported

FINES Clubs were named and shamed at Executive meetings and fined two shillings and sixpence for not sending a representative to the Executive meetings which were held monthly from January to May before the season started and in September and October after the season finished. (A far cry from our 1 meeting each year for the A.G.M ). A fine was also imposed for late arrival of match cards.

Problems had been encountered in arranging and completing League Matches at small Clubs with only 2 courts. It was also difficult to for the Clubs with small membership to provide and serve the refreshments and people to run the event i.e. Umpires etc. Parrfold suggested that their Council Courts could be used and a room in the adjacent Town Hall could be used for the refreshments. MEL volunteered their facilities as well. Arrangements were made accordingly.

1956 Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesJack Seddon
Ladies’ SinglesMargaret Armitage
Mixed DoublesE. H. Tipton and Jane Gerrard

League Tables for 1956 Season Each Team played 16 matches.
Obviously the teams did not play every team in the Division A system was devised as to who should play who ????

Darley Park A41Walkden Moor B37
De Havilland A38Parrfold Park B33
Walkden Moor A35Darley Park C28
Bolton Railway26Parrfold Park B24
Darley Park B26Swinton B21
Swinton21St. Mary’s Park16
Parrfold Park A21De Havilland B7
Winton20St. Mark’s B7
St Marks A13
Kearsley Vale10


SEASON 1957 Problem – 13 Teams in Division 1! PLANS FOR 3 DIVISIONS!

All the Officials were re-elected at the A.G.M. Councillor S Wood was elected as President for the year.
Bolton Railway’s application for a 2nd team to join the League in the 2nd Division was accepted.

Darley Park made a proposal at the A.G.M. that the League formation should be changed. It was agreed to discuss the matter at the next Executive meeting. At that discussion, it was agreed unanimously that the League should be split into 3 Divisions which would be organised for the 1958 season. Season 1957 would continue with two Divisions


It was agreed that there would be two Divisions named 1:- Division 1A and Division 1B which would have no more than 10 teams in each Division in order to complete the matches in 18 weeks.
Divisions of 8 teams were preferable so that a shorter season would enable matches to be played in better light at the end of the season….. How it was done:-

Division 1A consisted of the top 8 teams in the Final Positions at the end of the 1957 season.

Division 1B consisted of the bottom 5 teams in the Final Positions at the end of the 1957
season plus 2nd Division teams Guildhall, Mary’s Park, and MEL.

Division C consisted of the 7 remaining teams in Division 2

Promotion and relegation between Divisions A and B should be two up and two down. The
Points system only to be used in determining League Positions. Promotion and relegation
teams to play-off if points were tied.

The Knock Out Competition stated that all A and B section Clubs should be drawn out in one competition, with one match to decide the winners who would pass through to the next round. Section C would run their own competition. A fresh draw would be made for each round.

As Darley Park had two teams in the same Division seeding players was necessary.

A Team B Team
Men L.G. Guy & A. Ratcliffe Men B Armitage & A. Tyldesley
D. Gee & R. Baron A. Simms & E.Hatton
Ladies Miss M.Armitage & Miss E. Inman Ladies Miss L. Lloyd & Mrs E. Gee
Mrs J. Davenport & Miss J. Towey Mrs J Matthews & Mrs M. Thomson

1957 Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesDerek Gee
Ladies’ SinglesMarion Lowe
Mixed DoublesA.J. Ratcliffe and E Inman
Men’s DoublesL. G. Guy and A. J. Ratcliffe
Ladies’ DoublesNot known

League tables

Darley Park A40Walkden Moor44
Walkden Moor48Bolton Railway44
Bolton Railway31Guildhall29
Darley Park B28Swinton26
Swinton28Darley Park22
De Havilland27M.E.L.21
Parrfold Park24St Marks20
Oakwood20St Marys18
Kearsley Vale20Parrfold Park17
NALGO12De Havilland15
St Marks8
Div 1 Darley Park A after a playoff with Walkden Moor. Div 2 Walkden Moor won after a playoff with Bolton Railway.



At the A.G.M. all the League Officers were re-elected. (They were all doing such a good job! )
Councillor Mrs N Brierley became President.

St. Marks’ proposed that matches should be played during Bolton Holidays was not supported.
(This idea was a bone of contention for many years.)

Before the vote on the proposal to change the League formation to 3 Divisions, the Chairman explained that Rule 26 would govern the vote – i.e. a two-thirds majority in favour of the proposition was needed for it to be accepted. The votes cast were 12 in favour of the change and 7 against the change. As there was not a 2/3 majority in favour of the reformation the proposition was defeated and the League formation remained the same – 2 Divisions for 1958
The decision was not well received. At the Executive meeting prior to the A.G.M., the proposition had been unanimously accepted and it was felt that at the A.G.M. it would be ratified. Mr Pickering agreed to look at the position again and would provide details of another proposal to the 1958 League Executive meetings in order to try to find a solution.

Applications to join the League from Worsley NALGO and a 2nd team from St Mary’s Park were approved as was the resignation of Bolton Railway 2nd team.

By a majority vote of 8 – 4 it was agreed that Knock out matches be played on Mondays.
The event was to be handicapped for both Divisions on the basis of the last season’s League positions, 2 games per position. Entrance fee 8/- per team.

Two Inter-League matches were planned against Bolton S. S. League and Leigh & District League and would be held at MEL T.C. and Chloride T. C. who would also provide the refreshments

A suggestion that new balls should be used for all matches was received with some misgivings as
the cost would be a problem for some Clubs. The matter was left in abeyance at the meeting but at a later meeting, it was decided to leave the matter as it was the previous season and good used balls would be acceptable.

There would be five events as last season in the Individual Tournament. The League would provide new balls for the Finals of the Individual Tournament.

Darley Park “seedings” for the season were:-
A Team B Team
Men Men
L.G.Guy & A Ratcliffe B.Armitage & A. Tyldesley
Derek Gee & Roger Baron Alan Simms & Anthony Kirkbright

Ladies M Armitage & E.Inman Joan Matthews & M. Thomson J.Davenport & J. Thomson Eileen Gee & L. Lloyd

St Mary’s Park players were also “seeded”.
Men Ladies
A Team B Team
J. Smith & B Roscoe W.K.Smith & D.Hindley
P.Jones & F. Hughes G Wallwork & A. Cartwright

B Team B Team Ladies Ladies
M.Brady & S Brady P. Eckersley & M. Howarth
H. Hayes & D. Jones A. Foster & Kathleen Pybus

1958 Individual Tournament Winners (Suggested that next season players may enter more than one event )

Men’s SinglesDerek Gee
Ladies’ SinglesMiss M. Lowe
Mixed DoublesJ. Cartwright & Miss E. Hammond
Men’s DoublesA. Pickering & T. Oldfield
Ladies’ DoublesMiss P. Lawton & Miss P. Ridings

1958 League Table

Darley Park A42De Havilland B37
Darley Park B36Worsley NALGO36
Walkden Moor32Darley Park C35
Parrfold A31St. Mary’s Park A34
Winton22Walkden Moor B26
De Havilland22St. Marks20
Bolton Railway18St. Mary’s Park B19
Swinton15Parrfold B17
Kearsley Vale14




1959 Annual General Meeting
Election of Officers and the FORMATION OF THREE DIVISIONS

Dennis smith resigned at the A.G.M. and Mr D. Short was elected to the position. To deal with general League matters. Mr Alan Pickering was elected to the position of Match secretary following the decision prior to the meeting to split the Secretary’s job into two parts.
Mr W. B. Pennington (the present Chairman of the League) was elected to the position of treasurer following the resignation of Mr Alan Cooper. All the other Officials were re-elected.

Mr Alan Pickering solved the problem of the previous year by proposing that Rule 26 regarding a 2/3 majority requirement for a proposal to be approved be rescinded. A majority if favour of a proposal would be sufficient for it to be approved and would mean that the League could adopt new ideas, implement them and develop. This was carried. The proposal to reform the League into 3 Divisions followed and after discussing all the paragraphs and making some amendments it was approved. After approving the entry into the League of 2nd teams for Worsley NALGO and Guildhall as well as 2 Teams from Monton the 3 Divisions were organised.

It was proposed and agreed that a Winner’s plaque be purchased if none was donated.

Rules and fixtures would be duplicated in future as it was much cheaper than hiving the same printed in Handbooks.

Knock Out matches would be played on Monday’s (later this was changed to Friday’s) as 18 Wednesday’s would be required for League Matches. Unless otherwise agreed by the Captains, new balls would be used for these matches and the cost was to be shared by both teams. Entry fee 8/- per team. Medals would be awarded to the winning teams. Trophies to the value of 10/6 would be awarded to the Winners and medals to the runners-up.
It was ratified that any League member could enter any event in the Individual Tournament and would no longer be limited to one entry thus enabling more entries in each of the 5 events. £1.00 per person would cover prizes for the Men’s and Ladies Doubles.

Any fines (2/6 per transgression) incurred by teams would have to be paid by their Club and not the team. This avoided extra representatives having to attend the Executive Meetings and the difficulty of providing accommodation.

1959 Individual Tournament Winners

Men’s SinglesJack Seddon
Ladies’ SinglesMarjorie Cochrane
Mixed DoublesE. H. Tipton and Jane Gerrard
Men’s DoublesL. G. Guy and A. J. Ratcliffe
Ladies’ DoublesNot known

1959 League Tables

Darley Park AOakwoodGuildhall B
Monton ASt.Mark’s AMonton B
De Havilland ADarley Park BWalkden Moor B
Parrfold AN.A.L.G.O. ASt. Mark’s B
ChlorideSt. Mary’s ASt. Mary’s B
Swinton AGuildhall AParrfold B
Walkden Moor ADe Havilland BM.E.L.
WintonSwinton B

Promotions and Relegations for 1960

Oakwood was promoted to Division 1. Winton was relegated to Division2
Guildhall B and Monton B were promoted to Division 2.
De Havilland was relegated to Division 3.

A New Decade……..what will it hold?? 1960s