2000- 2009    A  NEW  MILLENNIUM !!

Fourteen Clubs were members of the Walkden and District Tennis League at the start of the new Millennium :- Astley, Bolton Cricket Club, Claremont, Ellesmere, Guildhall, Kearsley, Leigh, Lowton, Monton, Parr Fold, St.Marks. Tyldesley, Walkers, Winton.  The Bradshaw Club withdrew from the League at the A.G.M.


  What will the future hold for the Walkden and District League?  Will it survive?  Will it go from strength to strength?   Only time will tell…..

  Chairman Bernard missed the first A.G.M. of the new Millennium due to Mayoral duties. The League Officers were returned en bloc.   No new blood!

  A good sign for the new era was that subscriptions remained at £8.00 per team. Marvellous!

  A proposal to impose a £5.00 fine for late match cards was carried. This worked to some and many Clubs swelled the Treasurer’s funds during the season!!!!

  A proposal was carried that all matches in the Individual’s Tournament must be completed before the date set for the Finals unless bad weather prevented this. Allowance would not be made in future for entrants’  holidays.

  Bradshaw and Parrfold D resigned from the League so the formation for 2000 was 2 Divisions of 10 and 1 Division of 9.  Starting date 19/04/2000. First Cup match on a Wednesday and the rest on Fridays stated.    What a fiasco the Cup Competition turned out to be.  Clubs struggled to turn out teams on a Friday night.  Matches were conceded. One team got to the Final without playing a match !!!!!!!   Fortunately a proposal to play two Cup matches each round (home and away ) had been thrown out at the A.G.M.   Just imagine how farcical that would have been !!

  Some Individual’s Tournament events, organised by Vice Chairman David McCormick in Chairman Bernard’s absence, were cancelled because there were less that three entrants. The Veterans events were well supported as usual (same old faces!!) but they keep coming back for more.  Those who played enjoyed the competition.

  The Presentation Dance in the capable hands of Tyldesley was held at Leigh Rugby Club and made a profit of £25.00, but fate threw a spanner in the works by way of a Petrol Crisis.  Petrol had to be carefully reserved for essential journeys and some winners could not get there. Others shared cars but the attendance, lower than usual, did not mar the occasion. A great time was had and there was plenty of food !!   Fortune favours the brave or so the saying goes and it really did that night. On the way home to everyone’s delight the tennis revellers formed a lively queue and filled their cars up.  Fantastic!!!

                         League Championship Winners

Division  1Guildhall AWalkden Shield
Division  2Walkers  B   Albert Cooper Trophy
Division  3Kearsley  AAlan Pickering Trophy

Knock-Out Competition Winners

 Division 1  Ladies  Leigh  ATom Oldfield Trophy
Division 1   Gents.Guildhall  A 
Division  2  Ladies     St. Marks   AEileen and Derek Gee Trophy
Division  2  GentsWalkers  BJohn Collier Trophy
Division  3  LadiesKearsley A Jayne Gerrard Trophy
Division  3  GentsLowtonBernard Pennington Trophy

Senior Individual Winners

 Ladies SinglesKaren Finkill 
 Gents SinglesGed Shepherd 
Ladies Doubles                  Not Played 
Gents Doubles                  Derek Boston and Partner 
Mixed Doubles                  L. Baker and Frank Jordan 

Veterans Individual Winners

Vet. Gents SinglesFrank Jordan 

Handicapped Individual Winners

Hcapd Gents DoublesS. Roberts and J. Ashcroft 
Hcapd Mixed DoublesJ. Aherne and S. Roberts 

SEASON  2001


   At the A.G.M. Chairman Bernard Pennington thanked all the League Officers for their work during 2000.  Without them the League could not function and they were appointed for the 2001 Season en bloc.  Audited accounts for Season 2000 were accepted and the League Subscription remained at £8.00 thanks to the profit of £25 .00 on the 2000 Dance and £60.00 from the 2000 fines for cards which arrived late!!

  Parrfold C withdrew from the League and Tyldesley entered a second team so the number of teams remained the same. Because of the difficulties (Friday night matches) with the Cup Competition in 2000 it was decided that the teams be divided into 4 Divisions of 7,7,7and 8 teams.

This enabled Cup matches to be played on Wednesday nights between League matches. Replays due to bad weather would have to take place on the following Friday. You can never please all of the people all of the time and this decision was not popular with some clubs because clubs which were knocked out in the first round had no matches on the nights of the following rounds which took place during the lighter nights often with better weather.

  Clubs had to be reminded that their best players must only play in their higher teams

  At last a volunteer, Barbara Edge, came forward to help Chairman Bernard with the Individual’s Tournament. As usual there was a lot of enthusiasm from the Veteran’s events but entrants tended to be from a handful of Clubs. Tricia Brookes (Trophy Secretary) collected the Trophies back in early and checked them for damage and had them valued for an Insurance quote.

  The Presentation Dance hosted by Walkers broke even. Lots of dancing, good food and fun.

League Championship Winners

Division  1Leigh  AWalkden Shield
Division  2Monton  A  Albert Cooper Trophy
Division  3Parrfold  BAlan Pickering Trophy
Division  4Leigh  CDerek Smith Trophy

Knock-Out Competition Winners

Division 1  Ladies  Leigh  ATom Oldfield Trophy
Division 1   Gents.Walkers  A 
Division  2  Ladies     Monton  AEileen and Derek Gee Trophy
Division  2  GentsWalkers  BJohn Collier Trophy
Division  3  LadiesParrfold BJayne Gerrard Trophy
Division  3  GentsWinton  ABernard Pennington Trophy
Division  4  LadiesLeigh  CWinston Spencer Trophy  
Division  4  GentsLeigh  CHarold Ainsworth Trophy

Senior Individual Winners

 Ladies SinglesJ.Talbot 
 Gents SinglesRob Seddon 
Ladies Doubles                  Barbara Cain and Anne Hodgkinson 
Gents Doubles                  Gordon Farragher and Frank Jordan 
Mixed Doubles                  Barbara Cain and Stuart Barlow 

Veterans Individual Winners

Vet.Ladies SinglesKaren Finkill 
Vet. Gents SinglesFrank Jordan 
Vet. Ladies Doubles                  Jenny Ridgeway and  Karen Finkill 
Vet.Gents Doubles                  Stuart Barlow and  Frank Jordan 
Vet. Mixed Doubles                  Barbara Cain and  Stuart Barlow 

Handicapped Mixed Doubles

Hcapped Mixed DoublesJ. Aherne and S. Roberts 

SEASON  2002

Only trophies to be presented.      

NO Prizes  !!!!

   The season started with 29 teams in four Divisions comprising 7,7,7,8. Rainy weather caused the cancellation of several matches with shale court Clubs suffering the most.

  Unfortunately, only 2 entries were received for the Individual’s Tournament which resulted in Chairman Bernard cancelling the event. He had tried hard to encourage entries, even ringing round Clubs, but to no avail. He hoped members would take note and entries would be better next year. He appealed for a volunteer with some new ideas to take over the running if the Tournament

  Fortunately the Cup Competition went smoothly thanks to organiser June Fielding who reported on the continuing strength and dominance of the teams from the Leigh Club.

  Treasurer John Robinson could not attend the A.G.M. due to illness so Derek Mathews (Guildhall) one of the auditors drew up the accounts and presented the report.  He remarked that because of John’s excellent organisation the task had been easy. Finances were in a healthy state and subscription would remain at £8.00 per team.

  Some Junior coaching sessions run by the L.T.A. which were open to all juniors in the League were held at Monton.

  Winton organised a super Presentation Dance at their venue.  It was a pity that some Clubs did not support the event. It was thought that the attendance was down because a decision had been taken not to award prizes to winners. Only the League trophies were presented. It was increasingly difficult to find acceptable prizes for the limited amount of money provided.

League Championship Winners

Division  1Leigh  AWalkden Shield
Division  2Walkers  A  Albert Cooper Trophy
Division  3St. Marks AAlan Pickering Trophy
Division  4Claremont  BDerek SmithTrophy

Knock-Out Competition Winners

Division 1  Ladies  Leigh  ATom Oldfield Trophy
Division 1   Gents.Leigh  A 
Division  2  Ladies     Leigh  B Eileen and Derek Gee Trophy
Division  2  GentsAstley  AJohn Collier Trophy
Division  3  LadiesLeigh CJayne Gerrard Trophy
Division  3  GentsGuildhall  BBernard Pennington Trophy
Division  4  LadiesClaremont  BWinston Spencer Trophy  
Division  4  GentsClaremont  BHarold Ainsworth Trophy

Individuals Tournament Competition  Winners

Ladies Singles             J. Talbot 
Gents. SinglesRob Seddon 
Ladies DoublesKaren Finkill and  Jenny Ridgeway  
Gents. DoublesFrank Jordan and Gordon Faragher 
Mixed DoublesBarbara Cain and  Stuart Barlow 

Veterans Competition  Winners.

Ladies Singles Karen Finkill 
Gents Singles Not completed  
Ladies DoublesKaren Finkill and Jenny Ridgeway 
Gents. DoublesFrank Jordan and  Stuart Barlow 
Mixed DoublesBarbara Cain and   Stuart Barlow 

Handicapped Competition Winners

Mixed DoublesJ. Aherne and  S. Roberts 

SEASON   2003


At last new blood for the League Committee. Wonderful!  Ged Shepherd and Jean Wilson, both from Guildhall, offered to run the Individual’s Tournament.

They found it difficult to get entries.

Personal contact was made with all the Clubs but only members of Guildhall and Monton Clubs  responded and competed. There were some excellent matches thoroughly enjoyed by the participants. Jean and Ged were disappointed that some sections had no entries and hoped that next year would be better.

  At the A.G.M. the Officers were elect en masse apart from the Treasurer. As John Robinson was still had health problems, Derek Matthews was elected to act temporarily as Treasurer. Alan Brookes replaced Derek as Auditor.

  League matches had progressed well an all Divisions each of 7 teams as had the Cup Competition.  This was due to kinder weather conditions on  Wednesdays !  No fines were imposed  although one or two teams came close to incurring the Secretary’s wrath !!

  The Presentation Dance was held at the Astley venue and was a really good night.  The members of Astley had worked hard to provide great food and  lively music. Gordon Hassall, a long standing member of and player at the Club for many years along with his wife Rosemary presented the trophies.

League Championship Winners

Division  1Leigh  AWalkden Shield
Division  2Tyldesley  AAlbert Cooper Trophy
Division  3Leigh  CAlanPickering Trophy
Division  4Leigh  DDerek Smith Trophy

Knock-Out Competition Winners

Division 1  Ladies  Leigh  ACup
Division 1   Gents.Leigh  ATom Oldfield Trophy
Division  2  Ladies     Tyldesley  A Eileen and Derek Gee Trophy
Division  2  GentsMonton  AJohn Collier Trophy
Division  3  LadiesLeigh C Jayne Gerrard Trophy
Division  3  GentsLeigh  CBernard Pennington Trophy
Division  4  LadiesLeigh  DWinston Spencer Trophy  
Division  4  GentsAstley  BHarold Ainsworth Trophy

Individuals Tournament Winners.

Gents. SinglesGed Shepherd 
Ladies SinglesNot Played 
Ladies DoublesJ. Talbot and M. Fallon 
Gents. DoublesGed Shepherd and B. Harris 
Mixed DoublesNot Played 

Veterans Tournament  Winners     Only entries for the Ladies Doubles received.

 Jean Wilson and Barbara Edge beat Marjorie McCormick and Joan Matthews in a thrilling match a real Guildhall dual !!! 

    There were no entries for the Handicapped Competition. 

SEASON    2004


  It was good to see Treasurer, John Robinson, back at the helm for the A.G.M. fully recovered from his health problems. John thanked Derek for taking on the job in 2003. and preparing the accounts which were accepted. Subscriptions remain at £8.00.per team.

  June Fielding, who had been the Cup Competition Secretary since 1991 (12 years) tendered her resignation by letter.  June was spending more time away from home and felt that she could not give enough time to the job, which she  had enjoyed doing. Chairman Bernard thanked June for her stalwart service and proposed that a letter of thanks be sent conveying our gratitude along with a gift.  The meeting endorsed this proposal and League Secretary, Marjorie delivered the same to June personally.  Yvonne Miller volunteered at the meeting to take on the job and was duly elected.

Marvellous that Yvonne offered her services so willingly – many, many thanks.

At the end of the season, Yvonne said the June had been a hard act to follow but had endeavoured to ensure the draw was fair and that Clubs were kept up to date on the results of matches as soon as possible. She was pleased that all the matches had been played in the spirit of the game and thoroughly enjoyed.

  Three teams had dropped out of the League:- Guildhall reduced to 3 teams, Kearsley to 1 team, Bolton Cricket Club resigned.    The League formation went back to 3 Divisions of 9,8,8.

The season had just started when the Monton Club found it could not raise enough men to field a team in the League Competition and withdrew its team. However, there were enough Ladies to take part in the Cup Competition and it was agreed that this be accepted. It was hoped that next season the club would be able to rejoin in the League Competition. This left 3 Divisions of 8 teams each.

  Four events were held in the Individual’s Tournament with 32 competitors who battled it out and had a great time. Everyone felt the Tournament was worth running for those who wanted to participate. It was a pity that so few events were held. And requested Club Secretaries to do more to promote the Competition.

Some problems arose when on a couple of occasions a higher team played short of players and the lower team played at full strength.  On investigation, this had proved to be unavoidable due to players not turning up. Clubs were reminded of the League Rule governing player selection.

  Bolton Cricket Club was to have been the hosts for the Presentation Dance but resigned from the League at the start of the season. (Maybe the prospect of that task was too much!!  )  Fortunately, the Claremont Club came to the rescue and organised a “right good do” for us at their venue. A very long-standing member of the League and a member of the Monton Club, Marjorie Deakin presented the prizes.  A letter of thanks along with a plant was sent to Marjorie for doing the honours.

League Championship Winners

Division  1Ellesmere  AWalkden Shield
Division  2Walkers  A Albert Cooper Trophy
Division  3St Marks  BAlan Pickering Trophy

Knock-Out Competition Winners

Division 1  Ladies  Leigh  ACup
Division 1   Gents?Tom Oldfield Trophy
Division  2  Ladies     Lowton Eileen and Derek Gee Trophy
Division  2  GentsWalkers  AJohn Collier Trophy
Division  3  LadiesSt. Marks  BJayne Gerrard Trophy
Division  3  GentsTyldesley  BBernard Pennington Trophy

Individuals Tournament Winners.

   The Mixed Doubles was the only event played due to lack of entries.

Mixed DoublesBarbara Cain and Stuart Barlow 

SEASON   2005


  The season started with some good and some not so good news. Chairman Bernard expressed how sad he was at the strength of tennis within the area. He felt that not enough was being done in schools. He pointed out the at one time there were five Divisions in the League – now we are down to three and many of the players were older rather than younger. He thought that other sports had taken their toll on tennis and courts were not as good as they used to be. He felt pressure should be on people to provide better facilities. Parrfold B, from Bernard’s own Club was withdrawing from the League due to shortage of players and just prior to start of matches Winton B withdrew also  Fortunately Monton had acquired some men and would be able to compete in League matches.

  The League Formation comprised three Division of 8 teams. Subscriptions remained at £8.00 per team.  The weather was good and NO League matches were “rained off”. Must be a record!!!

Some Clubs telephoned Cup results in and were reminded that cards must be sent so that players could be checked and scores noted just like ordinary League matches.  Yvonne Miller tended her resignation as Cup Secretary. She had enjoyed her time doing the job and thanks were expressed for her efforts.  Another member of Claremont Club, Caroline Whelan, kindly volunteered to take on the organisation of the Cup Competition which pleased everyone.  (A volunteer is worth two pressed persons ! ) and she did it well.  It was suggested that the Cup Finals might be played earlier in the season or played at another venue if a two court club was the home team for the Final’s match as the darker nights at the end of the season made it difficult to play and conclude the match in the format of the Cup rules.

  A better response was received for the Individual’s Tournment, which pleased Jean very much, She was able to organise the players from the 5 Clubs who entered into 7 events. The only difficulty being fitting the matches in when some individuals entered two or more events and working round players holidays.  But all was sorted in the end producing good matches and the opportunity to play against some different opposition.

  Tricia Brookes asked that trophies be returned as clean and polished as they had been presented.

  The Ellesmere Club was in charge of the Presentation Dance at their venue where everyone there strutted their dancing skills to some very loud but good music.  The food was excellent. A great night.

    There were no entries for the Handicapped Competition. 

League Championship Winners

Division  1Ellesmere  AWalkden Shield
Division  2Guildhall  AAlbert Cooper Trophy
Division  3Guildhall  BAlanPickering Trophy

Knock-Out Competition Winners

Division 1  Ladies  Leigh  ACup
Division 1   GentsEllesmere  ATom Oldfield Trophy
Division  2  Ladies     Parrfold  A   Eileen and Derek Gee Trophy
Division  2  GentsGuildhall  AJohn Collier Trophy
Division  3  Ladies Monton BJayne Gerrard Trophy
Division  3  GentsMonton  BBernard Pennington Trophy

Individuals Tournament Winners.

Gents. SinglesGed Shepherd 
Ladies SinglesNot Played 
Ladies DoublesJ. Talbot and M. Fallon 
Gents. DoublesGed Shepherd and   B. Harris 
Mixed DoublesJ. Talbot and C.Cherbert 

Veterans Individuals Competitions    Not played. Insufficient entrie

Handicapped Individuals Competition 

Ladies Doubles  Margaret Barrett and Amanda Twigg 
Gents. DoublesGed Shepherd and Andy Harris 
Mixed DoublesGed Shepherd and Carol. P. Silk 



Rain, Rain and more Rain

One of the wettest seasons on record with every team bar one being “Rained Off” for two, three, four and even five matches. Poor Walkers T.C. had a diabolical season with their shale courts unable to cope with the rain resulting in an all-time high of cancelled matches – 5.  For a team which usually finishes the season in the top part of Division 1, it was heartbreaking!  Relegation to Division 2 maybe happening next season. It’s a possibility.   Only St Marks A  team avoided any Rained Off matches and consequently won the 2nd Division.  How they managed it is a mystery.

Chairman Bernard thanked all the League Officers. All were re-elected

There were 13 Tennis Clubs providing 24 teams split into 3 Divisions of 8:-

Astley, Claremont, Ellesmere, Guildhall, Kearsley, Leigh, Lowton, Monton, Parrfold, St. Marks, Tyldesley, Walkers, Winton.

  Enquiries had been made regarding the suggestion at the 2005 that the possibility of a League Website should be investigated. Secretary Marjorie had contacted a friend who was going to consult with us about the content we required to run tour League.  Report to follow.

The Presentation Dance was hosted by Guildhall T.C. at the British Legion.  It was really well attended with several players bringing their families along to enjoy the fun.

League Championship Results

Division  1Leigh  AWalkden ShieldEllesmere  A
Division  2St. Marks  AAlbert Cooper TrophyAstley  A
Division  3Parrfold  BAlan Pickering TrophyClaremont  B

Knock –Out Competition Results

Div. 1  LadiesLeigh  ACupGuildhall  A
Div. 1  Gents.Ellesmere  ATom Oldfield TrophyParrfold  A
Div. 2  LadiesAstley  AEileen & Derek Gee TrophyMonton
Div. 2  Gents.St Marks  AJohn Collier TrophyLowton
Div. 3  LadiesGuildhall  CJayne Gerrard TrophyParrfold  B
Div. 2  Gents.Claremont  BBernard Pennington TrophyKearsley  A

Final League Positions Season 2006

Division  1Division  2Division  3 
Leigh AS. Marks AParrfold B 
Ellesmere AAstley AClaremont B 
Guildhall ALowtonGuildhall C 
Parrfold ALeigh CTyldesley B 
Tyldesley AMontonAstley B 
Claremont AGuildhall BKearsley A 
WalkersLeigh DWinton A 
Leigh BSt. Marks BClaremont C 

SEASON 2007 


WEBSITE PROPOSAL ACCEPTED                     

    Season 2007 saw the launch of two new ideas which hopefully would raise the profile of the Walkden and District League and encourage more teams to join the League.

    After welcoming everyone to the A.G.M. and thanking all the officers for their hard work during 2006 Chairman Bernard asked the Club representatives to agree to the proposal that the 25 teams from the fourteen Clubs in the League be split into 3 Divisions – Divs. 1& 2 – 8 teams each and Div. 3 – 9 teams. The proposal was carried. Amendments to some League were carried. Subs. remained at £8.00.

 Yvonne Miller resigned as Knock –Out Cup Competition Secretary. Caroline Whelan from Claremont Club volunteered to take up the Office.

    Entries for the Individuals Tournament were very disappointing. Only four events were held mainly thanks to the players from Claremont , Guildhall and Monton Clubs.  Over the last few years the entries for this Tournament have been falling.  Clubs often belong to other Leagues in the towns around Walkden and their members have no time to play extra matches in Individuals Tournaments, which run through the season, along with the League Team Competitions. This problem would be looked at during the Season in an attempt to find a solution.

   The Coaching of Youngsters has since Alan Simms left the League has been done by Individual Clubs with the facilities and helpers. It was decided to run a general Coaching Session throughout the Schools’ Long Summer Holiday. A financial grant was obtained after a lot of hard work by Secretary Marjorie involving much form filling and the composition of a League Policy Document fulfilling the legal requirement of Protecting Children and Young People.  Professional Coaches with the necessary  Child Protection Certificates and Insurance were employed, three courts were hired at Parrfold Park, Tennis Clubs and Schools in the area were informed of the project, the necessary Parents Permission forms obtained for those attending and the distribution of information details of the Coaching Sessions and requirements.  (No mean feat!!) A number of League Players volunteered to help during the 6 weeks which was a great help and very much appreciated.  The whole event was rewarding and the young people enjoyed themselves. The helpers including Marjorie had a good rest!

Junior Coaching

    During the season the League Officers listed what content was needed to set up and personalize our League Website. Marjorie would consult friend, Brian Everall, with the list.        

 League Championship Results

Division  1Leigh  AWalkden ShieldParrfold  A
Division  2WalkersAlbert Cooper TrophyLowton
Division  3Tyldesley  BAlan Pickering TrophyLeigh  D

Knock Out Competition Results

Div. 1  LadiesLeigh  ACupTyldesley A
Div. 1  Gents.Leigh  ATom Oldfield TrophyEllesmere  A
Div. 2  LadiesWalkersEileen & Derek Gee TrophyLowton
Div. 2  Gents.WalkersJohn Collier TrophyLowton
Div. 3  LadiesGuildhall  CJayne Gerrard TrophyKearsley
Div. 3  Gents.Guildhall  CBernard Pennington TrophyLeigh  D

Individuals Tournament Winners

Gents SinglesR. Smith T. Crompton
Mixed DoublesA. Westmorland and
K. Wise
 I. Westmorland and
C. Hughes
Hcap Gents. Dbls.I. Westmorland and
A. Westmorland
 G. Shepherd and 
M. Greenwood
Hcap Ladies DblsI. Westmorland and
C. Hughes
 J. Tobin and 
Amanda Twigg



    Chairman Bernard was delighted to announce The Walkden and District Website was functioning and gradually all the running of the League would be done on it. Due to the exceptional generosity of Brian Everall who ran Salford on Line, a friend of Secretary Marjorie, we did not have to pay anything for his work or the annual charge for the Server. The domain name was registered in Marjorie McCormick’s name. A very grateful letter of thanks was sent to Brian for all his practical and financial help.

29 teams from 13 Clubs were split into 3 Divisions. 

Divs.1 & 2 – 8 teams each, Div. 3 – 9 teams                                                  

Astley, Claremont, Ellesmere, Guildhall, Kearsley, Leigh, Lowton, Monton, Parrfold, Roe Green, Tyldesley, Walkers, Winton.

    Clubs were informed that each Club was required by law to have a Child Protection Policy for the Tennis Section on show in their Club along with the Club’s overall Policy and a Tennis Section Child Protection Officer appointed to deal with any problems. Tricia Brookes agreed to be the Child Protection Officer for the League and would keep to hand the League’s Policy Document as we did not have a headquarters to put it on show.

     Following last season’s youngsters’ coaching event it was decided that Clubs should set up their own coaching sessions for youngsters this season.

     The A.G.M. ratified the revision of the League’s Aims and Objects.

At the end of the season Leigh Club organized an excellent Presentation Dance.

 League Championship Results

Division  1Leigh  AWalkden ShieldTyldesley  A
Division  2Roe Green  AAlbert Cooper TrophyAstley  A
Division  3Claremont  B  Alan Pickering TrophyKearsley

Knock Out Competition Results

Div. 1  LadiesLeigh  ACupGuildhall  A
Div. 1  Gents.Leigh  ATom Oldfield TrophyTyldesley  A
Div. 2  LadiesRoe Green  AEileen & Derek Gee TrophyTyldesley  B
Div. 2  Gents.Astley  AJohn Collier TrophyLeigh  B
Div. 3  LadiesClaremont  BJayne Gerrard TrophyGuildhall  C
Div. 3  Gents.Claremont  BBernard Pennington TrophyCulcheth

No  Individuals  Events  were  held



Chairman Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting. The League Officers were re-elected.           
The Presentation Dance in 2008 arranged by the Monton Club raised a.profit of £60.00 enabling Subscriptions to remain at £8.00 per team (£9.00 if late). He thanked Marjorie for all her work arranging for us to have such a splendid website.

Marjorie reported Lowton Tennis club had resigned from the League due to the difficulty of finding enough players, leaving 12 Clubs fielding 24 teams which would be divided into 3 Divisions with 8 teams in each Division.
Astley, Claremont, Ellesmere, Golborne, Guildhall, Kearsley, Leigh, Monton, Parrfold,  Roe Green,Tyldesley. Walkers, Winton.

Chairman Bernard was sad to report the death of Eileen Gee.  Eileen had been a member of the Walkden and District League for very many years and had given many years service as an officer of the League.  We are grateful for the many hours of typing she did in the production of the League’s  Magazine “SMASH”  by her husband Derek. She played for the Interleague Matches for a period and was always on hand to provide refreshments for those Matches whenever they were held.

Derek sent a letter to the League thanking us for the lovely tributes we paid to Eileen at her funeral and at the A.G.M. “We both have always had happy memories of the tennis and friendship experienced over the years and this is really how we met over 60 years ago at Darley Park and at Guildhall. “She will be missed” is a true statement especially for myself.” (Copy letter in 2009 file)

League Championship Results

Division  1Leigh  AWalkden ShieldTyldesey  A
Division  2Leigh  BAlbert Cooper TrophyMonton
Division  3GolborneAlan Pickering TrophyCulcheth

Knock Out Competition Results

Div. 1  LadiesLeigh  ACupAstley  A
Div. 1  Gents.Leigh  A Tom Oldfield TrophyTyldesley  A
Div. 2  LadiesMontonEileen & Derek Gee TrophyLeigh  B
Div. 2  Gents.Leigh  BJohn Collier TrophyClaremont  B
Div. 3  LadiesGolborneJayne Gerrard TrophyClaremont  C
Div. 3  Gents.GolborneBernard Pennington TrophyWinton