Chairman  Ian thanked everyone for attending the A.G.M. on what was a miserable night which reflected on last season’s weather with many matches having to be cancelled. The league was shrinking, a situation that applied to many sports across the board.  Still it had been a competitive summer and all League and Cup competitions had been concluded satisfactorily. Ian thanked all the League Officers for their support for his first year in the Position of Chairman and particularly Pauline  for covering the vacant role of League Secretary as well as the Match Secretary’s job.

Pauline confirmed the wet weather had caused some problems and stressed the need to return cards for rained off matches and that clubs must retain a copy of all match results.  Cup and plate matches has gone well and she thanked Caroline for over-seeing the engraving of the trophies.

All League Officers were re-elected en bloc. Stan and Sue agreed to do one more year.

 Stan’s Treasurer’s Report

Stan had closed the League’s Business Account and all funds were now in an easily accessible Current Account. Authorisation for Ian to sign cheques had been arranged following a long process with the bank. Subscriptions for 2020 season remain at £15.00 per team.
The 2019 Presentation Dance had been in the capable hands of Monton and was a great success raising £215.00 from the raffle which was shared with the Leigh League and resulted in a very much appreciated donation £100.00 being given to our League. The sum of £657 was now in the League’s Current Account at the start of the 2020 Season.

No applications were received. Resignations were received from Winton and Astley C.

League formation for 2020 :- 18 teams split into £ Divisions of 6. Matches to start 29th April in line with the Bolton League. There would be a week off for the Bolton League Tournament.

To maximise the amount of tennis played and to avoid cancelling matches through a shortage of players during the season it was agreed that when a team was short of a man a lady could play as a man. This would be in line with Leigh League where this rule already applied.  Friends/non club members could stand in for matches although their sets/games would have to be conceded. A proposal that male juniors be allowed to play as ladies was rejected.
Ian thanked Claremont for the use of their room and everyone for attending. Ian was looking forward to another successful season’s tennis.

All was planned for a successful season but Coronavirus wiped out the whole season.  A lockdown of the country following the A.G.M at the end of March resulted in everything being cancelled. The global virus spread rapidly and many people died. When things improved around July two people were allowed on a court to play against each other but at first serving had to be underhand and great care taken to keep the balls in the same game and not get mixed up with other games.  Gradually things changed and four players were allowed to play doubles. Some Teams organised matches with other Clubs but it was impossible to organise any League fixtures or competitions. Social distancing had to be observed at all times.  Social gatherings after matches were not allowed.  Wimbledon and other major tournaments were cancelled.  Even indoor tennis was unavailable as schools and leisure centres used indoor court facilities to set out gym equipment as gyms were gradually opened.  Winter Tennis and League matches are unable to take place for Clubs attached to these places.  The second wave of infection is looming.  Hopefully, a vaccine will be found soon and Season 2021  can see Walkden and District Tennis League once more in action.  Take care….wash your hands….. wear your mask……social distance  – 2metres apart. 

STAY SAFE   –    see you next year.