SEASON   1957    Problem  –  13Teams in Division 1 !    PLANS FOR 3 DIVISIONS ! 


All the Officials were re-elected at the A.G.M.  Councillor S Wood was elected as President for the year.

Bolton Railway’s application for a 2nd team to join the League in the 2nd Division was accepted .


Darley Park made a proposal at the A.G.M. that the League formation should be changed. It was agreed to discuss the matter at the next Executive meeting.   At that discussion, it was agreed unanimously that the League should be split into 3 Divisions which would be organised for the 1958 season.  Season 1957 would continue with two Divisions




It was agreed that there would be two Divisions named 1:- Division 1A and Division 1B which would have no more than 10 teams in each Division in order to complete the matches in 18 weeks.

Divisions of 8 teams were preferable so that a shorter season would enable matches to be played in better light at the end of the season….. How it was done:-


Division 1A consisted of the top 8 teams in the Final Positions at the end of the 1957 season.


Division 1B consisted of  the bottom 5 teams in the Final Positions at the end of the 1957

Season plus 2nd Division teams Guildhall, Mary’s Park, and MEL.


Division C consisted of the 7 remaining teams in Division 2


Promotion and relegation between Divisions A and B should be two up and two down.  The

Points system only to be used in determining League Positions.  Promotion and relegation

teams to playoff, if points were tied.


The Knock Out Competition stated that all A and B  section Clubs should be drawn out in one competition, with one match to decide the winners who would pass through to the next round. Section C would run their own competition.  A fresh draw would be made for each round.


As Darley Park had two teams in the same Division seeding players was necessary.


A   Team                                                              B  Team

Men         L.G. Guy   &   A. Ratcliffe                   Men      B Armitage       &   A. Tyldesley

  1. Gee      &  R. Baron                                      A. Simms         &   E.Hatton

Ladies      Miss M.Armitage & Miss E. Inman     Ladies   Miss L. Lloyd   &   Mrs E. Gee

Mrs J. Davenport & Miss J. Towey                  Mrs J Matthews & Mrs M. Thomson


1957 Individual Tournament Winners


Men’ s Singles       Derek Gee                                        


 Ladies’  Singles    Marion Lowe


Mixed Doubles      A.J. Ratcliffe  and  E Inman 


Men’s Doubles      L. G. Guy  and A.J.Ratcliffe       Ladies Doubles


1957 League Positions             Each Team played 16 matches


Division  1

Pos. Pts.  Team


  1. 40 Darley Park A       (after a play off with Walkden Moor)
  2. 40 Walkden Moor
  3. 31 Bolton Railway
  4. 28 Darley Park B

.     28     Swinton

  1. 27 De Havilland
  2. 24 Parrfold Park
  3. 20 Oakwood

.     20     Kearsley Vale

10    12     NALGO

.     12     Chloride

.     12     Winton

13      8    St Marks


Division 2                                  Each team played 18 matches


  1. 44 Walkden Moor      ( after a play off with Bolton Railway)
  2. 44 Bolton Railway
  3. 29 Guildhall
  4. 26 Swinton
  5. 22 Darley Park
  6. 21 M.E.L.
  7. 20 St. Marks
  8. 18 St. Marys
  9. 17 Parrfold Park

10    15     De Havilland