Venue: Claremont Tennis Club

  1. Apologies for Absence.
  2. Minutes of the previous general Meeting.
  3. Matters Arising.
  4. Chairmans Report.

5a.   Secretarys Report.

5b.  Match Secretarys Report.

  1. Treasurers Report.  New Website, Cost & Management.  League Subscription 2018.
  2. Auditors Report. Election of Auditors for 2018. (John Collier, 1 more required)
  3. 2017 Cup Competition Report (Caroline Whelan).
  4. Report on Presentation Dance 2017 – (Leigh).  Arrangements for 2018 –  (Lostock).
  5. Election of Officers for 2018 Season.  (Proposed by Secretary & Match Secretary

          New Post: Website Management Officer – Gary Atkinson


 2017 Officers

Chairman                              David McCormick           (willing to be re-elected)

Vice Chairman                      Stewart Barlow              (willing to be re-elected)

Secretary                                Marjorie McCormick    (retiring)

Match Secretary                   Pauline Ashton              (willing to be re-elected)              

 Treasurer                               Stan Bleakley                (willing to be re-elected)

 Cup & Trophy Secretary    Caroline Whelan           (willing to be re-elected)

 Minute Secretary                Sue Bleakley                  (willing to be re-elected)

 Safeguarding Secretary     Phil Owen                      (Post to be discussed)


   11a. Applications to join the League.  (David Lloyd T.C.   2nd Team) 

   11b. Resignations from the League.

  1. League Rules .
  2. League Formation for 2018.    Date of Commencement of 2018 Season.
  3. Other Proposals and Items for discussion.
  4. Any Other Business