Covid-19 Petition to re-open outdoor courts

LTA statement (updated 8 January)
The LTA recognises the impact of COVID-19 on everyone in Great Britain, however, tennis is a naturally socially distanced sport that involves participants stood a significant distance away from each other with a net in between. As such the LTA believes that tennis is a safe sport for participants to engage in as long as they follow the correct procedures. Tennis provides significant physical and mental health benefits to participants, and so can play a role in helping to safely maintain the health and wellbeing of the nation.

We understand and share the disappointment and frustration amongst the tennis community, that our sport has once again been suspended under the Government’s national lockdown restrictions in England.

The LTA will continue to push for tennis to resume as soon as restrictions can be relaxed. Players up and down the country want to get back on court, whilst coaches, venues, and officials will again be affected by this latest lockdown.

To help bring to life the importance of tennis to the nation, and help the campaign for courts to be re-opened as soon as possible, we encourage the tennis community to:

Sign This Petition calling on the Government to allow outdoor courts to open as soon as possible
Write to their local MP, outlining the positive impact that tennis has on them and their local community. You can find your local MP here.